Finance Council

An active, well-formed Parish Finance Council is a key element for promoting the financial health of a parish, assuring accountability and good stewardship of all parish goods.  The Finance Committee works behind the scenes balancing the financial responsibilities and provides advice for renovations and maintenance.

Parish Finance Council members should have the willingness to act in the best interest of the Parish.  The Parish Finance Council generally meets quarterly, to address the most pressing financial and temporal matters facing the parish.  The Council also addresses future needs and provides recommendations on how best to meet the needs.

You do not have to be an accountant to join this committee. However, certain professional skills or expertise in management, finance, business, law, accounting, engineering, purchasing, construction, maintenance, and/or communications would be beneficial.  Interested in joining the Parish Finance Council team, please contact the Parish Priest.

Parish Pastoral Council

Parish Pastoral Council is a group of people engaged in the pastoral care of the parish and presided over by the Parish Priest. The Parish Pastoral Council meet quarterly and the task of Members of the Council are; discussing, discerning, and helping plan programs whereby the limited resources of the parish are used to the best advantage.  The Parish Pastoral Council’s role is to promote the Church’s mission and share in the responsibilities for the ongoing life and development of the faith community.   


A Word from our Parish Priest

We welcome all parishioners, visitors, and pilgrims to Our Lady’s Parish, Craigieburn & Roxburgh.

Our Faith in Christ Jesus, is one that encourages us not only to live in communion with our God, but also in communion with one another, supporting and assisting each other as we continue to grow and deepen our love of God and neighbour.

Our Lady’s Church is a beacon of faith in our local community and beyond, where Christ is the centre of our liturgical and parish life. Our treasure is the people, and our gem is in our diversity of cultures that come together. We are all on a journey to God and through the liturgy of the Eucharist daily and particularly on weekends; we get an opportunity to join others in our worship of our Living God.

We hope you had the opportunity to worship and participate in our ministries already, but if not we warmly invite you to become part of this great parish.

With Christ’s blessings,

Fr. Varghese Kurisingal

Our Lady's Parish - Craigieburn and Roxburgh Park

Under the patronage of Our Lady, we will create a welcoming, inclusive and caring community by actively celebrating our diversity and by our outreach initiatives.

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